NH is an abbreviation for:

  • All Nippon Airways, Japanese airline after the IATA code
  • NATO Helicopter 90, shortly NH90, a military transport helicopter
  • Natural abundance of chemical elements or of isotopes
  • Navarra Hoteles; see NH Hoteles, a Spanish hotel chain
  • New home, former housing companies, which belonged to the German Confederation of Trade Unions
  • Neuharlingersiel, according to an abbreviation of fishing vessels on the high seas List of external identification in Germany
  • New Hampshire, American State as postal abbreviation
  • Nice hand, in card games on the Internet
  • High and low voltage fuse ( " HRC fuse " )
  • Emergency Help / Helper in the medical corps
  • Province of North Holland (Dutch: Noord -Holland, NH) is one of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands

NH as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Sonneberg area ( for Neuhaus am Rennweg )
  • Greece: Thessaloniki
  • UK: Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Norway: Skien in Telemark province

N.H. is an abbreviation for:

  • " After ( the ) Hijrah ", in the Islamic calendar, see Islamic era
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