Nhất Linh

Nhat Linh ( Hán tự :壹 零, "one zero") ( born Nguyễn Tường Tam,阮 祥 叁; born July 25, 1906 in Cam Giang, Hải Dương, † July 7, 1963 in Saigon) was a Vietnamese writer and politician.


He studied from 1927 to 1930 physics and chemistry in France and then returned to Vietnam. He was co-founder in 1933 and leader of the literary movement Tự Luc Van Đoàn which propagated a clear, simple Quoc Ngu language without words of Chinese origin and allusions and caused a modernization in the literature of Vietnam. The two magazines Phong Hóa and ngay Na, which was edited by Nhat Linh, acted as a platform for the movement through the entire 1930s the literary scene dominated Vietnam.

From 1939, he was politically active as a nationalist. He founded the party Dai Việt Dân Chính Đằng (Democratic Party of Vietnam ) and was later Secretary General of the Việt Nam Quốc Dân Đằng ( VNQDD, Vietnamese Nationalist Party ), where he in opposition to French colonial power to the Communists, and finally to the South Vietnamese government Ng Dinh Diem was. From 1942 to 1945 and from 1947 to 1951 he was in exile in Hong Kong and Shanghai. In 1946 he was briefly foreign minister under Hồ Chí Minh.

When he should be summoned in 1963, in a process in the context of the military coup in South Vietnam in 1960, he killed himself by taking cyanide to avoid a conviction. In his suicide note, he recalled the monk Thich Quang Đức, who had just been burned in protest against the Diem Buddhist persecution, and wrote: "I take my life as a warning to those who trample on all freedoms ."

Two of his brothers, Hoàng Đạo (1906-1948) and Thach Lam (1909-1942), were also literary works within the Tự Luc Van Đoàn.


  • Nho phong. Short stories. In 1924.
  • Nguoi quay TO. Short stories., 1926.
  • Anh Phai song. Short stories. 1932-1933, together with Khai Hưng.
  • Đời MUA Gió. Novel. 1933, together with Khai Hưng.
  • Ganh slope hoa. Novel. 1934, together with Khai Hưng.
  • Nang thu. Novel., 1934.
  • Đoàn Tuyet. Novel. From 1934 to 1935.
  • Đi Tay. Travel descriptions. , 1935.
  • Hai BUOI Vang Chieu. Short stories. From 1934 to 1937.
  • Thế Roi Mot Chieu BUOI. Short stories. From 1934 to 1937.
  • Lanh Lung. Novel. From 1935 to 1936.
  • Đôi BAN. Novel. From 1936 to 1937.
  • Buom Trang. Novel. From 1938 to 1939.
  • Xóm Cầu mới. Novel (unfinished). From 1949 to 1957.
  • Việt và đọc Tieu Thuyet. Essays. From 1952 to 1961.
  • Giong Thanh Thuy Sông. Trilogy (Ba Nguoi bộ Hanh, Chi bộ hai nguoi and Vong Quoc ). From 1960 to 1961.
  • Thuong Chong. Short stories. In 1961.