NHK Cup (English NHK Cup) stands for:

  • The NHK Cup, an international figure skating competition in Japan, NHK Trophy English
  • The NHK Cup ( Shogi ), an annual Shōgiturnier in Japan
  • The NHK Cup (Go), an annual Goturnier in Japan
  • The NHK Cup (gymnastics ), a gymnastics competition in Japan, at the same time national qualifying tournament for the World Championships and Olympic Games
  • The NHK Cup ( ski jumping ), an annually staged in Sapporo Japanese national competition in ski jumping
  • The NHK Trophy, 1960-1962 a Japanese national competition in Rugby Union, today the Japanese Rugby Football Championship
  • The NHK Cup ( horse racing), a 1953-1995 when Tōkyō Yushun, the Japan Derby, award price
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