NHK Trophy

The NHK Trophy (English for NHK -hai, Japanese NHK杯, enueichikei -hai, " NHK Trophy " ), officially NHK -hai kokusai figure skate Kyogi taikai ( NHK杯 国際 フィギュア スケート 競技 大会), or ISU Grand Prix NHK Trophy is a competition series ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating. The best figure skaters get in the disciplines of single country men, single drive ladies, pair skating and ice dancing against each other.

Was established the NHK Trophy in 1979 for the 50th anniversary of the Japanese Skating Federation ( Nihon Renmei Skate, Eng. Japan Skating Federation ) as the first regular international Eiskunstlauftournier Asia. Since 1995 the tournament to Champion Series of the International Skating Union was (English International Skating Union), today's ISU Grand Prix series (English ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating ).





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