NHL All-Rookie Team

The NHL All- Rookie team is assembled since 1983 at the end of each season by the Professional Hockey Writers' Association from the best Neuprofis ( Rookies ) of the National Hockey League. Each team consists of one goalkeeper, two defenders and three attackers, and there is no division into winger or center.


  • Pavel Bure is the only winner of the Calder Memorial Trophy for the best Neuprofi that is not the All- Rookie team came. Because he played in the season both as a left and as a right winger, you could assign it to any position and since 1992 predates the subdivision in the selection in left and right wingers, and Centre, Bure was not elected to the All- Rookie Team. From the 1992/93 season the rule was changed and it was the division canceled in the three strikers species.
  • Jamie Storr was in 1998 and 1999 All- Rookie Team. The reason was that there was a rule that you retained its status as Neuprofi if you have not played at least 25 games. The curious thing was that in 1999 he already denied his fifth NHL season, he played in his first three years, only five times and had completed only 17 games in 1998 and then again in 1999 to the All- Rookie team came.
  • Only two teams have managed in two consecutive years to make the goalie for the All - Rookie Team ( with the exception of the two-time appointment of Jamie Storr ). The Montreal Canadiens made ​​it in 1985 with Steve Penney and 1986 with Patrick Roy. The Chicago Blackhawks succeeded the same feat in 1991 with Ed Belfour and Dominik Hašek in 1992.

All All- Rookie team since 1983

( Players who are marked with a (CT ), were awarded the Calder Memorial Trophy as the best Neuprofi )

  • G = Goalie ( goalkeeper )
  • D = Defender ( Defender )
  • F = Forward ( Forward )

Legend: = Sp games, SM = penalty minutes, S = Wins, L = Loss, D = Draw, GAA = Goals against per game

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