NHL All-Star Team

The NHL All-Star team is selected for the 1930/31 season.

Select representatives of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association after each season, a team that NHL First All -Star team with the best players in the NHL season. These include a goalkeeper, two defenders, one center, as well as a right and a left winger. At all positions, the corresponding votes are counted, which form the Second All-Star team each runner (or third -, and fourth-placed on the back position ). This can result in players that are used in several positions, are also represented in two All-Star teams. Until 1946, the best coach in the league All-Star team was co-opted. This award should not be confused with the NHL All-Star Game, which is played during the season and their teams are selected by the fans.

News All-Star team (2012 /13)

First All -Star Team

Second All-Star Team

All-Star coach from 1931 to 1946

The position of the Traines was included in the first years at the election of the All-Star team. After 1946, the coach was not dialed.