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Santa Cruz is a resident of the same U.S. city of Santa Cruz, California company. Santa Cruz manufactures skateboards, snowboards, mountain bikes and surfboards, also has its own clothing line there. The first series from 1989 to 1999 was approved by the lizenhabenden company Dnr Sport System Ltd.. produced. Patrizio Roffi has created all of the designs of all the boards in Switzerland. The cards were made in different factories in Europe. In addition to vision and Powell -Peralta, the company is one of the most important decorators of the skateboarding scene. In particular, the " Ever Slick" Skateboard from 1989, the first time had a plastic coating on the bottom of the board system was viewed as innovative. Before many professionals brought their own skateboard brands on the market, this was divided until the mid 1990s, primarily between the already mentioned three manufacturers, and H Street.

Sports sponsorship

Santa Cruz is sponsoring both a skateboard, a snowboard and a surf team. For professional skateboarding team of Santa Cruz are sometimes Alex Moul, Florentin Marfaing, Alex Carolino, Tom Knox and Eric Dressen. For professional snowboard team of Santa Cruz are sometimes: Gian Simmen, Seth Huot, Robbie Sell, Charlie Moarace, Eirik Haugo, Florian Wimmer, Danny Wheeler, Stephen Duke and Silvia Mittermüller. For professional surfing team of Santa Cruz are sometimes Matt Archbold, Shawn Barron, Adam Reprogle, Christian Fletcher ( surfer ), Anthony Tashnik, Bud Freitas, Matt Schrodetz, Sean Petersen and Austin Smith Ford