Niamh Kavanagh

Niamh Kavanagh ( born February 13, 1968) is an Irish singer.


Niamh Kavanagh was Bankkaufrau before she was discovered as a singer. First success came in 1991 when she recorded songs for the soundtrack of the film The Commitments as lead and backing singer. In 1993 she took part in the Irish qualifying round for Euro Vision Song Contest, which she won by a large margin in front of second-placed group Champ. Her song was called In your eyes, and was written by Jimmy Walsh. It should be a great success in Millstreet, Niamh Kavangh won the competition with 187 points, ahead of the representatives from the UK and Switzerland. She was the second Irish winner in a row. The song was a huge commercial success in Ireland and was the biggest selling single of the year. In other countries, the title was less successful, but could be placed in the charts in several countries.

After her performance at the competition Kavanagh took on more singles and albums, but was unable to repeat the success of In your eyes. 1994 and 1997 she had a short guest appearances at the Euro Vision Song Contest (1994 at the price to hand over the subsequent winners ), 2006, she joined the Irish preliminary decision on the competition after her winning song was chosen among the Top 10 most popular Irish contributions. In 1999 she recorded a new version of their winning title.

Kavanagh 2010 came back in to the Irish preliminary decision. Your song It's for you reached the maximum number of points, so that they again took to Ireland in the Euro Vision Song Contest 2010, after 2008, the hip points. It started on 27 May 2010 in the second semi-final and two days later reached the finals taking place. There, she took a 23 place among 25 starters.



  • The Commitments (Soundtrack)
  • The Commitments Vol 2 (Soundtrack)
  • Flying Blind
  • Together Alone ( With Gerry Carney )
  • Wonder Drug
  • The Shanley Sessions
  • Meeting Place


  • In your eyes
  • Romeo's twin
  • Flying blind
  • Sometimes love
  • Red roses for me
  • It's for you