Nicaea (disambiguation)

Nikaia (Greek Νίκαια in Modern Greek, Nikea ) is:

Name of Person:

  • Nikaia ( mythology), a daughter of Phrygian river god Sangarius and of Cybele
  • Nikaia ( daughter of Antipater ), the daughter of Antipater, the Macedonian king Perdiccas wife and Lysimachus
  • Nikaia, wife of Craterus of Corinth
  • Nicaea of Corinth, wife of Alexandros of Corinth and of Demetrius II

Name of a place:

  • A city and municipality in the prefecture of Attica, today Nikea ( Attica )
  • A city and municipality in the Larissa Prefecture, Nikea (Thessaly )
  • A medieval state in Asia Minor, see Empire of Nikaia

In ancient geography:

  • City in Bithynia, known primarily by the first Council of Nicaea, today's Iznik a returning to this city Titularerzbistum the Roman Catholic Church, see Nicaea ( Titularerzbistum )

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