Nicetius († October 1 / October 3 566 or 569 in Trier) was a bishop of Trier.

Nicetius should have conducted a monastery in Limoges before taking office as bishop. King Theodoric rose to 525/526 Nicetius strengthening of Christianity in the Moselle area bishop of Trier. Nicetius participated in the councils of Clermont ( 535), Orleans ( 549 ), Toul (550 ) and Paris ( 552) part. King Chlothar I sent him for his repeated violent criticism of the kings in exile. Under King Sigebert I, he was soon allowed to return to 561 to Trier. In a letter (before 565 ) to the Emperor Justinian I, he warns him to desist from the heresies of Nestorius and Eutyches and the persecution of the true believers. In his tenure as Bishop of Trier various construction projects are dated (cathedral, St. Maximin, Nicetius Castle ). The Egbert Psalter leads him to 981 for the first time as a saint.

Gregory of Tours, who wrote the oldest Nicetius -Vita, praised the fearless advocacy of the Bishop of right and justice. In the diocese of Trier, he is revered as a saint. His feast day is October 3.


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