Nick van den Berg

  • 8-Ball Championship: Finalist (2005)
  • 9-Ball World Cup: Quarter Finalist (2005)
  • 10-Ball Cup: Quarter Finalist (2008)
  • 14/1 World Cup: Semi-finalist (2008)
  • WPM: Finalist (2009)

Nick van den Berg ( born May 24, 1980 in Amsterdam) is a Dutch pool player.

His first major success was the Vice European Champion title in the 8- ball as well as in 14 and 1 endless 2001. Eight times he previously managed a win in a Euro Tour event (2002 in Salzburg, 2005 in Sindelfingen, Czech Open 2006 in Prague, Austrian Open 2008 Rank Weil, Finland Open 2010 in Vantaa, as well as the European Open in 2012, Treviso Open 2013 Italian Open 2014 in Treviso).

In 2005 he reached the finals of the World Championship in 8-Ball, where he however Wu Chia -Ching subject from Taiwan. Another great success was reaching the semi-finals at the 14 and 1 endless Championship 2008, where he but his compatriot Niels Feijen subject. In the first official 10-Ball Championship 2008, he reached the quarter-finals, but had to retire again against Feijen from.

When snooker championship 2009, he won his first European title in the 9-ball competition with a 9-8 final win over Ruslan Chinahov. During World Pool Masters 2009 he won second place, behind only Darren Appleton from England.

In 2002 he was able to bring in his Mosconi Cup debut as part of the team Europe the title. In 2003 and 2006 he was in Europe at Mosconi Cup here, but the title went to two years to the team America. 2010, 2011 and 2012, he was with his participation in four to six again win battles with Team Europe.

Together with Niels Feijen 2006-2010 he was part of the Dutch team at the World Cup of Pool, although never more than a quarter- finals (2009) jumped out. After he had not participated in the World Cup of Pool 2011 he reached 2012 Huidji lake as a teammate the next round. In 2013 he and Niels Feijen were second.

In the summer of 2013 moved from Club 8 Amsterdam to BV Fortuna Straubing in the 1st Bundesliga ..

His favorite cue brand is Musashi. His nickname in the pool scene is El Nino.