Nicola Valley Museum and Archives

The Nicola Valley Museum and Archives are a frequently encountered in North America institution, connect the museum and archive tasks. Behind her is the Nicola Valley Museum Archives Association ( NVMAA ), a company historically interested people from Merritt, in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

The NVMAA was created in 1976, its first chairman was Murphy Shewchuk, but in 2001 she managed to establish a permanent museum. During this long phase objects and archival materials were collected and recorded. In addition, the union began a quarterly magazine to publish, the Nicola Valley Historical Quarterly.

For the history of the First Nations of Indians in Canada, the archive is of particular importance because it preserves the collection of James Teit (1854-1922), who is familiar with the culture of the surrounding Indian groups. He worked from 1894 until his death of Franz Boas and recruited from 1908 to the concerns of the Interior Tribes of British Columbia, the Indian Rights Association and the Allied Tribes of British Columbia.

Otherwise, the institution preserves archival materials and objects on the history of the local "pioneers", the mining companies and the development of the city, and performs appropriate exhibitions by.