Nicolas Coustou

Nicolas Coustou ( born January 9, 1658 Lyon; † 1 of May 1733 at Paris) was a French sculptor. He was the brother of Guillaume Coustou.

Coustou learned first with his father before he went to Paris in 1676 to his uncle Antoine Coysevox learn. 1681 or 1682, he won the Roman Academy Award, enabling him from 1683 to 1686 continue his studies at the Académie de France in Rome.

After his studies, he returned to Paris and became in 1693 a member of the Royal Academy. In 1702 he became a professor, rector in 1720 and 1733 - shortly before his death - Chancellor.

The revolution has greatly cleaned up even among his works. Get the colossal group of the Association of the Seine and Marne, now in the Tuileries Gardens, the bronze statue of the Saône in Lyon, Descent from the Cross in Notre Dame, the marble statue of Louis XV. and the relief: Apollo shows France 's bust of Louis XV, both in the Louvre, works of theatrical pathos with all the advantages and weaknesses of the Baroque style. .

His son Guillaume Coustou the Younger ( 1716-77 ) was also a renowned sculptor.


  • Julius Cesar marble H. 2.42 m; . L.: 0.96 m;. Pr: 0,96 m.
  • Julius Caesar Terracotta H.: 0.59 m;. L.: 0.24 m;. Pr: 0.23 m.
  • Le Gladiateur Borghèse Terre cuite H.: 0.55 m;. L.: 0.40 m;. Pr: 0,45 m.