Nicolas-Jean-Baptiste Raguenet

Nicolas- Jean -Baptiste Raguenet (* 1715, † May 17, 1793 in Gentilly, near Paris ) was a French painter who is known for his views of the city of Paris, and especially of the Seine river.

He was the son of comedian and painter Jean -Baptiste Raguenet (1682-1755) and Geneviève Murgues born. After his education at the Académie de Saint -Luc he talked with his father in the center of Paris on the Île de la Cité, a workshop for city views.


Raguenets works distinguished by their high, almost photographic precision, making them next to their artistic quality for the documentation of Parisian history of irreplaceable value. The Musée Carnavalet bought in 1882, several of his works on at least two other works are in the Musée du Louvre

The painting " Le Palais des Tuileries vue du Quai d' Orsay " (1757 ) was the painter Jean Lefeuvre ( 1882-1975 ), as the late 50s, the new franc was created as a template for the back of the 10 -franc banknote.


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