The International Tour of Lower Saxony ( LOTTO Tour ) is a material discharged annually since 1977 in April multi-day bicycle race.

Organizer of the stage race is the International Association - Lower - tour, trying by selecting the start and finish to touch as many Lower Saxony regions in the cycling event.

The Lower Saxony Tour of the elite was part of the German Championship (TUI Cup) and was in the UCI calendar last in the category 2.1. classified. Until the abolition of the division of cycling professionals and amateurs in 1995 ( unit license) Lower the Tour was considered one of the most important amateur bicycle race in the world. In the 1980s, the race was largely dominated by riders from the GDR, which otherwise could only shine in the Peace Race. In 2006, Alessandro Petacchi set of the Milram team set a new record: The Italian cyclist won first all individual stages and the overall title.

The simmering for some time doping scandal has led to the withdrawal of numerous sponsors, among other Volkswagen, the Niedersachsen- tour, so that the 2008 race was canceled. The tour was continued as Junior race.




  • 2012 Netherlands Piotr Havik
  • 2011 Belgium Martijn Degreve
  • 2010 Germany Jasha Sütterlin
  • 2007 Germany Michael Hümbert
  • 2006 Germany Patrick Nuber
  • 2005 Germany Hans Sebastian
  • 2004 France Blel Kadri
  • 2003 Germany Carlo Westphal
  • 2002 Germany Heinrich Haussler
  • 2001 France Jordane Chazal
  • 2000 France Mathieu Boiche