Nieste (river)

The Nieste near its mouth at Sandershausen

The Nieste is a 21.8 km long, right or eastern tributary of the Fulda in the districts of Werra -Meißner, Kassel and Göttingen as well as in the independent city of Kassel in Hesse and Lower Saxony ( Germany ).


The Nieste rises in northern Hesse Werra- Meißner-Kreis in Kaufunger forest. Your source is located at Stone Mountain (about 585 m above sea level. NN ) a few meters west of the " stone mountain lakes " of two former basalt quarries, about 2 km north- west of Grossalmerode located. It is located at about 535 m above sea level. NN.

The Nieste initially flows within the Kaufunger Forest in a north-westerly direction, the small streams Schwarzenbach and drought Nieste open out, and reached directly then an eastern corner of the district of Kassel. In this area, the river then continues up to the point of leading- from right Wenge Bach, coming from the east-northeast mountain pass located Umschwang.

The upper Niestetal with the creek and the valley meadows is reported as about 1.55 km ² large nature reserve since 1990 ( NSG-Nr. 164 886 ). In this area there are countless wells and manifolds of the Municipal Works Kassel. A part of the Kassel drinking water is obtained here. By water extraction, it may happen that in midsummer dry creek falls this section. There, in the valley of "Eco path archeology Gläsnertal " is created.

From the mouth of Wenge Bach the Nieste runs roughly west through the narrow cut " Niestetal " in which they partially forms the border to the northern border in southern Lower Saxony Göttingen district. In this valley it runs on the border of the nature park Munden in the north and Meissner Kaufunger forest in the south. It flows through or passes it the community Nieste (HE), Dahlenheim and Uschlag (municipality parts of Staufenberg, NI), and now entirely in the Kassel district Heiligenrode and Sandershausen (municipality parts of Niestetal, HE).

After flowing through Niestetal - Sandershausen the Nieste leads to about 134 m above sea level. NN in the Fulda, which the city limits of Niestetal - Sandershausen to Wolfsanger / Hasenhecke forms in the mouth region of the Nieste, a district of the independent city of Kassel.

Catchment and inflows

Among the tributaries of the Nieste whose catchment area covers 88.131 km ², including downriver viewed with orographic mapping (l = left side, R = right side), river length (if known) and Mündungsort with Niesteflusskilometer:

  • Schwarzenbach ( l; 1.8 km ) below the Niestequelle ( 19.3 km )
  • Drought Nieste (r; 1.1 km ) below the Niestequelle ( 18.45 km )
  • Bach in the " valley widths " ( l; 1.7 km ) below the Niestequelle ( 17.35 km )
  • Wenge Bach ( r) above Nieste - Endschlagsiedlung ( 14.75 km )
  • Endschlagbach ( r) at Nieste - Endschlagsiedlung ( 13.4 km )
  • Hopbach (r ) below Dahlenheim ( to Staufenberg ) in a Nieste side arm ( 8.9 km )
  • Ingelheimbach (r ), in Uschlag ( to Staufenberg; 8.25 km )
  • Wave Stream (r ), in Uschlag ( to Staufenberg; 7.65 km )