Niestetal is a large village in the district of Kassel, in Northern Hesse in the immediate vicinity of Kassel and the southern tip of Lower Saxony.

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Geographical location

The community Niestetal that of the districts Heiligenrode and Sandershausen and the Good Ellenbach ( district Sandershausen ) and the Good Windshausen ( district Heiligenrode ) which lies to the west of the Kaufunger Forest and is traversed by the Nieste. The Nieste opens in Sandershausen in the Fulda. The southern boundary is marked by Heiligenrode from east to west of the Losse. The Federal Highway 7 crosses the municipality Niestetal centrally between two hamlets.

Neighboring communities

Niestetal borders in the north on the community Staufenberg ( in the district of Göttingen, in Lower Saxony ) in the east on the community Nieste, in the south on the community Kaufungen (both in the Kassel district ) and to the west by the independent city of Kassel.


Heiligenrode was first mentioned in a document on May 8, 1123 Sandershausen in 1167th Both districts are created by efforts of the monastery Kaufungen. The monastery had to perform 1123 clearing in this area, making Rodedörfer emerged, this includes Heiligenrode. Sandershausen 1167 was first mentioned in a document as sand Council Husen, named after the appointed by Kaufunger monastery monk Sandrat. This populated the area near the modern evangelical church. The merger of the formerly independent communities Heiligenrode and Sandershausen on August 1, 1972. The sunken village Umbach is forgotten today, there are only vague information on this deserted village.


Municipal council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


Following local government reform and the merger of Heiligenrode and Sandershausen to the municipality Niestetal 1972, the municipality had the following Niestetal Mayor:

  • Ludwig Hofmann (until 1981 )
  • Rainer autumn (until 1991 )
  • Herbert Loot (until 1994)
  • Rudi Merwar (until 2006)
  • Andreas Siebert (from 2006)

On 11 June 2006, elected with 70.4 % of the vote for the new mayor of the municipality Niestetal Andreas Siebert (SPD). He assumed office on 12 October 2006.

In the mayoral election 3 June 2012 Siebert, the only candidate was confirmed with 92.9 % of the vote in office. The turnout was 31.2 %.


Sarkad (Hungary since October 2005)

Culture and sights


The Evangelical church Niestetal organized in collaboration with the community Niestetal a chamber music series that has gained far beyond the boundaries Niestetals also great fame. The concerts are held several times a week in the hall of the town hall in Sandershausen.

Monuments and historic buildings

Sandershausen: Prince Casimir of Ysenburg Monument, Old Customs House

Heiligenrode: grave stone of Prince Casimir of Ysenburg in the church garden, gnome fountain memorial stone Friedrich Bernhard

Good Windshausen ( district Heiligenrode ), 1769 by Simon Louis du Ry

Germanischer garden from Windshausen lock with monkeys monument and mausoleum Slept ( on Good Windshausen )

Sport and Leisure

The two biggest sports clubs in Niestetal are the TSV 1892 Heiligenrode eV in the district Heiligenrode and TSG 1889 Sandershausen eV in the district Sandershausen that offer a wide range of sports with many divisions.

Baths and recreational one of the first municipalities in Hesse the community Niestetal opened in May 2001, a semi-natural bathing water which is purified only by ecological filtering. The nature adventure Niestetal, which emerged from the former in need of rehabilitation swimming pool, in addition to the ecological component offers many other attractions. In addition to the adventure pool ( swimming ponds) the Wichtelbrunnenbad ( indoor) in Sandershausen and the park in Heiligenrode are more attractive opportunities for recreational activities.

Sports facilities for sports activities are numerous Sportlanlagen available:

  • Multi-purpose hall with adjoining bowling ( center )
  • Sports hall at the Wilhelm- Leuschner- school in the district Heiligenrode
  • Each a gymnasium at the local elementary schools
  • Sports stadium with synthetic track and adjacent location
  • Four sports fields
  • Six tennis courts
  • Each with a shooting club house in two districts

Clubs and Associations

  • Around 60 clubs and associations offer within their means of activities for all ages. As an umbrella organization, the sporting and cultural community engaged on behalf of the clubs and associations in addition to the usual tasks in the cultural sphere.
  • The Table Tennis Department TSG Sandershausen directed every year at Pentecost from the third largest table tennis tournament in the Federal Republic. Participants from Scandinavia, the U.S. and Russia show the wide frame that covers this tournament.

Regional characteristics

  • Ahle sausage
  • Awaken work
  • Klobesabend

Economy and infrastructure

Although the townscape is still slightly rural character, agriculture plays no major role. In Niestetal there are currently about 4,950 jobs. 2/3 of workers commute to Niestetal - mostly from the neighboring city of Kassel - a. One of the biggest local employer is the company SMA Solar Technology with more than 5000 jobs in the district Sandershausen.


Niestetal has a direct motorway connection (Kassel -Nord) to the Federal Highway 7 Bus connections ( NPT lines 30, 30.1, 32 and 33 ) connect the community with Kassel. Since 2007, users of public transport can travel free of charge by the local bus Niestetal " NiestetalExpress " (line 31). Across Germany, is one of the few municipalities Niestetal that offers its citizens such a service.


The community Niestetal are two primary schools, one per district, and the guided an integrated Gesamtschule Wilhelm- Leuschner- school in the OT Heiligenrode available. In addition, other secondary schools or technical schools ( various disciplines ) can be visited in the neighboring city of Kassel. At the University of Kassel, there are public transport about 15 minutes by car you can reach the university in about 10 minutes.

In the community center in the town center, the local library is currently about 33,000 volumes, such as children 's books, novels and non-fiction.

The communal facilities include just five kindergartens, enable a comprehensive full-day child care from the age of 1.