Nieuw Sloten

Nieuw Sloten is a neighborhood in the borough of Amsterdam Nieuw -West, North-Holland province, and had in January 2012 in " Nieuw Sloten North West" (Northwest ) 3236 inhabitants, in " Noordoost " (Northeast ) 33191, in " Zuidwest " (Southwest ) 2452 and in " Zuidoost " ( Southeastern ) 2059th


The name of the district comes from the the nearby village of Sloten. Nieuw Sloten is between the " Westelijke Tuinsteden " ( Western Garden Cities ) Slotervaart, the old village of Sloten and Osdorp. The district includes two neighborhood district, Nieuw Sloten " North and South " ( North and South). Characteristic are the many green areas. Between 1990 and 1995, 4,824 new homes were built, of which 45% condominiums and 55% of rental housing. <

1984, the municipality had decided to Amsterdam as a candidate for the Olympic Games to be set up by 1992. A committee presented the plan to create an " Olympic Village " in the nursery area ( Tuindergebied ) in Sloten. In 1954 an agreement was governed until 2008 that the nurseries were able to continue their companies between the community and the nursery plants. This agreement was terminated in 1986 in favor of the " Olympic Village " and the Amsterdam municipality expropriated the nursery owner. The Olympic Games were held but not in Amsterdam, but in Barcelona. The nursery farms were given an allowance and moved to the Noordoostpolder.

In Nieuw Sloten Nature Park De Vrije Geer was opened in 2003. The parks ( Volkstuinparken ) lie on the south side of the village of Sloten "own yard" and "VAT " and the " Sportpark Sloten ". In the 1990s, the new district De Aker was born (with over 10,000 inhabitants). In Nieuw Sloten is the Belgiëplein, a place with shopping center that connects directly to the Kasterleepark. Number of residents on Belgiëplein. 1019, revised January 2010 Since 1 May 2010, with the new classification of the municipalities of Amsterdam, Nieuw Sloten Slotervaart is part of the city of Amsterdam Nieuw West.

Transport connection

From Amsterdam Centraal Station, Amsterdam's tram number 2 goes to the Dam, Leidsestraat, Willemsparkweg, Heemstedenstraat and Johan Huizingalaan the terminus Nieuw Sloten. The history of today's tram ( Dutch: Tram or Tramlijn ) # 2 begins in 1881 with the "Horse tram " which was replaced in 1903 by the electric tram since she wears the number 2 Over the years, various changes of stops came and road links, since 1992 drives the No. 2 route today with extensions on the Paul Potterstraat and Hobbemastraat ( near the Museum Pleines ).