Nigeria Premier League

The Globacom Premier League and the Nigerian Football League ( NFL ) is the highest division of football in Nigeria.


The first time in 1972 played out Premier League is organized by the Nigeria Football Association. After various changes in the mode currently 20 teams playing for the championship. Second highest division is the bipartite Division 1

Since 2002, the league has a main sponsor and is officially called Globacom Premier League. After the 2006 season, the approximation of the game plan to the European leagues has been made. So the games move closer together, start in August and go through May.

With six championships, the club Enyimba FC is record winner of the Nigerian Premier League. Current champions are the Kano Pillars in Kano for the second time after 2012.

Format History

The top four in the league also played three matches for each club in the top 4 championship the masters from.

  • 2002-2005: Between February and December, the championship was played. The teams played within a league. After return encounter of the battle for the championship was decided. A total of twenty teams played in this mode. In addition, the national communication system Globacom the naming rights in 2002 took over the league
  • 2006-2007: In two groups (A and B) each played ten teams gegeinander in return game. The last two each for each series were fixed relegated. The first two of each group qualified for the finals or Super League. There they played after every three days (without return ) wins the champion of. The season was In a calendar year.
  • Since 2007: A Season with 20 teams each play out the title in the mode against each after return game. The season runs from August of one year to May of the following year. First season in this mode was 2007/08. The last four teams descend.

Associations in 2013

Many different clubs have played in the Nigerian Premier League since 1990. In the 2010/11 season, the following teams playing in the Nigerian Premier League:

Winner of the Premier League

  • 2002: Enyimba FC ( Aba )
  • 2003: Enyimba FC ( Aba )
  • 2004: Dolphins FC (Port Harcourt )
  • 2005: Enyimba FC ( Aba )
  • 2006: Ocean Boys FC ( Brass )
  • 2007: Enyimba FC ( Aba )
  • 2008: Kano Pillars ( Kano )
  • 2009: Bayelsa United FC ( Yenagoa )
  • 2010: Enyimba FC ( Aba )
  • 2011: Dolphins FC (Port Harcourt )
  • 2012: Kano Pillars ( Kano )
  • 2013: Kano Pillars ( Kano )