Nigerian Youth Movement

The Nigerian Youth Movement ( NYM) ( Nigerian Youth Movement ) was a Nigerian political party 1936 until 1951.


In 1934, four Nigerians, Ernest Ikoli, Dr. JC Vaughan, Samuel Akinsanya and HO Davis had founded the Lagos Youth Movement, which had formed in opposition to the education policy of the British colonial government. Two years later it became a nationwide movement and established itself after its renaming in Nigerian Youth Movement as a nationalist party. With the accession of Obafemi Awolowo and Nnamdi Azikiwe, the party received a major boost in 1938 and won election to the City Council of Lagos, where she ended the long-standing dominance of Herbert Macaulay NNDP. The party put pressure on the government to amend the Constitution and opposed it against, among others, the cocoa price policy of the British, but remained moderate and constructive in their approach. Following the resignation of Kofo A. Abayomi as chairman in 1941 broke out power struggles for the leadership that sealed the end of the party. After 1944, large parts of the movement went on in newly established parties like Azikiwe and the NCNC sphere of influence of the party was reduced more and more to the western region of Nigeria. 1951 reorganized the party as Awolowo's Action Group under management.

  • Historic Party ( Nigeria)
  • Nationalist Party