Night at the Museum

Night at the Museum (AKA Night at the Museum ) is a comedy film directed by Shawn Levy from 2006 with Ben Stiller in the lead role. The plot is based on the published 1993 children 's book The Night at the Museum of Croatian illustrator Milan Trenc. In 2009 they had the sequel Night at the Museum 2


The unsuccessful dreamer Larry Daley lives in New York City. His divorced wife Erica threatened that he would their son Nick can not see if he should continue to lead an unregulated life. Therefore, he takes a job as a night watchman at the Museum of Natural History and believes to have found a easy job. As the transactions of the museum are going badly, jobs will be cut and released the previous three, already elderly night watchman Cecil, Gus and Reginald.

Even before the arrival of his first nightshift, Larry receives from former guards a manual, and their advice, be sure to " read the rules". His job as a night watchman there, no one let in to the museum - but also anyone out.

Shortly after sunset Larry understands the importance of this note: Almost all the exhibits in the museum, leaving their locations and begin to wander throughout the museum. The skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex challenges him for retrieving; Warlords, sailors, wild animals and Stone Age people make the museum uncertain, and Larry realizes that he has underestimated this job.

He remembers the rules he should consider, but before he more than the first three ( " Throw the Bones", " closing the lions, before they eat you " and " Pay attention to the key, the monkey could can steal " ) decipher and implement the manual will be of Dexter, a capuchin monkey from the Africa Department, stolen and torn. So Larry must face the evening events without help. Finally, he makes friends with the incarnate wax figure of Theodore Roosevelt, which Larry helps and encourages him to continue his job after this is considering to terminate. Roosevelt tells Larry the mystery of the museum: almost 50 years ago, the golden tablet of Pharaoh Ahkmenrah was brought to the museum, and it causes since then every night all exhibited beings are alive. Larry needs to take care of them and must leave none of them escape, because the rising sun would destroy it.

The next morning, Larry is of the nocturnal experiences completely exhausted and disillusioned. He decides to terminate the job. But when he takes his way home, he met his son, who, proud, begging on the job his father him for a guided tour. This moves Larry to take back his resignation, and he shall but at the next layer.

The next night, Larry attempts to make everything better. During the day, he used the time to go through all periods of history to collect on the " Museum inhabitants" across information on how he can deal with them. But this brings back only problems: When he cavemen are, for example, a lighter, plug them into even fire. One of the primitive man breaks out of the museum, and Larry must watch as it breaks through the rising sun in seconds to dust.

The next day, Larry is taken to task by the director of the museum because of the lack of wax. This is so angry that he wants to fire Larry, but Larry can ask for a reprieve. In the evening he takes his son Nick to the museum to show him how the exhibits come to life, and to impress him with it. But the exhibits remain lifeless. Larry discovered that the golden tablet of Pharaoh Ahkmenrah, which is the cause of the awakening of Museology, was stolen.

When Larry and Nick find the table in the camp of the three dismissed former night watchman, they are attacked by them and locked into the chamber of the pharaoh. The three old, angry over their dismissal are secretly entered the museum and want revenge now by taking skills and sell the valuable pieces. Meanwhile, Nick turned to Larry's instruction, the board of Pharaoh, whereupon he and the other residents museum back to life. Larry can search for the three ancient night watchmen. As one of the night guards fled outside, follow him certain of the exhibits. After a wild chase, the last of the bad guy will be provided. However, the exhibits are now scattered to the four winds, and they are threatened to be transformed from the rising sun to dust. Larry asks the Pharaoh for support, and this creates it with the help of the magic board, to guide the exhibits before sunrise back to the museum.

The next day, the museum director Larry to task and shows him television news with reports of strange occurrences in the park and museum and film recordings in which the exhibits are on display outside the museum. Larry insists, nothing to know about it, but is still fired. However, when the director sees the many attracted by the television reports museum visitors, he wordlessly makes Larry again. In the following night the whole museum is celebrating a great festival.

In the credits, the old three night guards are seen, which are grateful that Larry has not betrayed her, and who now work as cleaners in the museum.


  • The film was shot in California City, British Columbia and New York. Among other outdoor scenes were shown from the American Museum of Natural History.
  • The film grossed worldwide, as of March 15, 2009, 574 480 841 U.S. dollars, surpassing the estimated production cost of 110 million U.S. dollars by five times. As of February 2007, approximately 2.94 million visitors saw the film in Germany.
  • The role of the staff member at the employment office, Debby, is played by Ben Stiller's mother Anne Meara.
  • Ricky Gervais is spoken in German by Piet Klocke.
  • Theatrical release in Germany was on 27 December 2006.


The lexicon of the International film described the film as " moderately entertaining comedy that demands neither the protagonist nor the star-studded supporting cast " and criticized that "the appeal of the story fizzles out quickly and only a few remain pretty gags. "

Carsten Baumgardt criticized the script on as " outrageous ". The director put "on coarse -engined slapstick ". The film was still enjoyable.