Nighttime Birds


  • Vocals: Anneke van Giersbergen
  • Guitar: René Rutten
  • Guitar: Jelmer Wiersma
  • Bass: Frank Boeijen
  • Keyboard: Hugo Prinsen Geerligs
  • Drums: Hans Rutten

Nighttime Birds is the fourth album of the Dutch band The Gathering. The album was released on 6 June 1997 via Century Media.


It was included in the Woodhouse Studios in Hagen between 17 February and 15 March 1997. The recording was technically supervised by Matthias Klink man and Siggi Bemm, who produced the album along with the band. The texts were written by Anneke van Giersbergen, the music of the whole band.

Nighttime Birds features powerful gothic metal with female vocals. It is the logical continuation of the initiated on Mandylion musical path, and also the last pure metal album by The Gathering before the band turned more progressive and more electronic sounds and finally passed out of the metal genre completely.


The song " Third Chance " was released a year earlier on the Adrenaline EP. For the Nighttime Birds album, the song was slightly rearranged. The title song was dedicated by Hugo Geerligs M. de Haard Versteijlen.

There was a published only in Japan version of the album in which the tracklist by live versions of the songs Leaves and Eléanor that were originally derived from the compilation Out of the Dark, has been added.

Title list


Kevin's Telescope ( EP)

Advance the song Kevin's Telescope was coupled as part of an EP. The EP contains the title track nor the Dead Can Dance Cover Version In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated, a cover of the English band Slowdive and a demo remix of also coming from Nighttime Birds " Confusion", that of the former Grobschnitt drummer Eroc was remixed. The EP suggests significantly more progressive sounds as the actual album and is thus already a musical anticipation of the follow-up album How to Measure a Planet? .

The May Song ( Single)

The May Song is the only subsequent single from Nighttime Birds. The title track is equally represented twice: In the album version and in a few seconds longer, radio edit. There is also a remix of Earth is My Witness and recorded with the Metropole Orchestra version of the piece Strange Machines that originally comes from the previous album Mandylion.