Niki Stajković

Niki Stajković actually Nikola Stajković ( born March 1, 1959 in Salzburg) is an Austrian diver who participated 1972-1992 active in national and international competitions as well as in the Olympic Games.

Niki Stajković was a successful all-round sportsman. Was promoted its water Springer - career father Vlado, who has regularly trained the young Niki than three years old. At age five he jumped for the first time from the ten-meter tower.

The Salzburg was not only a good diver but also a good swimmer and skiers. A stroke of genius, he delivers ten years old at the Austrian Championships: First he won the jumping from the tower, he hurried to the start of the swimming Bewerbes over 50 meters dolphin and also won the gold medal there. Age of 13, he participated in his first Olympic Games.

He was hailed as a child prodigy in Munich in 1972. Nevertheless, he achieved the remarkable 18th place. 1977 graduated from high school at the Musician Stajković in Salzburg A-levels (Abitur ). Then he returned to Salzburg back and trained and studied in the USA. In 1981, Stajković EM bronze from the three -meter board and 1987 European Championship silver, also from the three -meter board. At the 1980 Summer Olympics he reached the 8th place.

  • Water Springer ( Austria )
  • Athletes (Salzburg)
  • Austrian
  • Born in 1959
  • Man