Nikon D1

The Nikon D1 is a professional digital SLR ( DSLR) camera with 2.74 - megapixel image sensor DX format from the D1 - series of the Japanese manufacturer Nikon Corporation. It was introduced at PMA in Las Vegas as the first fully developed by Nikon DSLR itself in 1999. The camera is thus the first model of the Nikon D- series.

The D1 has a CCD sensor in typical DX format with a resulting form factor of approximately 1.5. It cost at launch about 12,000 DM The average price Used in early 2008 is about 400 euros

The D1 has a 3D matrix metering, which was derived from the color matrix metering analog Nikon F5. This automatic white balance and a Levels are enabled. The 58 ms shutter lag time were a record for a digital camera, as well as the 1/16.000 s as the shortest shutter speed. The flash sync speed is correspondingly short at 1/500 s

The D1 was replaced in 2001 by the specialized models Nikon D1X and D1H Nikon, who overcame even the partial problem with the color reproduction of the first D1 generation.