Nikon D3

The Nikon D3 is a professional digital SLR (DSLR ) from the Japanese manufacturer Nikon. It was introduced on 23 August 2007 along with the Nikon D300 and replaced on 30 November 2007, both the D2Hs and the D2Xs from.

The D3 has the first Nikon DSLR over a full frame CMOS sensor ( Nikon as "FX format" ) with 12.1 megapixels. The aspect ratio of the so-called full-frame sensor is similar to the traditional small -screen film (approx. 24 x 36 mm). The new sensor has a maximum sensitivity of ISO 25,600, which the photographer has opened up completely new possibilities in available- light photography.

DX - Nikkor lenses can be (albeit with a reduced to 5.1 megapixel sensor resolution) continues to be used as usual, as the D3 in addition also supports the conventional DX format.

The 51- point autofocus system features a Scene Recognition System, with which it should be possible to "stick" the focus point reliably to a moving object (3- D Tracking).

The camera also offers a high-resolution 921,600 dots 3-inch LCD screen in 4:3 format with 307,200 RGB pixels ( VGA standard, 640 × 480) or 640 × 480 × 3 =.

The D3 was the first DSLR from Nikon, a real-time preview ( Live view ). Here, the oscillating mirror is flipped up. In this position, the normal auto focus does not work, but there is an alternative autofocus by contrast measurement on the sensor.

The operation of the D3 is similar to that of the D2 series. Due to the full-frame sensor, the D3 has a larger viewfinder and weighs approximately 1,240 g ( without battery and strap ) another 200 grams more than the two previous models.



The D3 offers wireless and Ethernet support with the sending units WT -4 and WT -4A. Thus, the camera can also be controlled remotely.


The D3 is compatible with all Nikon Speedlights that support the Nikon i-TTL flash exposure. Compatible flash units are also offered by other manufacturers.


The first Nikon (along with the D300 ) allows the D3, the electronic shutter of the PC-E Nikkor control. Otherwise, the D3 meets their predecessors in terms of lens compatibility.

Accessory port

D3 has an accessory port, which is required for example for the use of a remote actuator. About the Cable MC - 35, the D3 can be connected to a GPS device and so record the exact position of the photographer in each photo. From Nikon and third party after the release of D3 also special GPS receivers have been introduced that can be connected without additional cable directly to the camera.

Nikon D3X

December 1, 2008, with Nikon D3X D3 before a variant of which is primarily designed for studio work, portrait, architecture and landscape. The newly developed CMOS sensor, which is also used in the Sony Alpha 900 offers a resolution of 24.5 megapixels with reduced light sensitivity of a minimum of 50 to a maximum of ISO 6400 ISO. In return, it provides detailed picture. The D3X has a lower continuous shooting speed of 5 frames / s and 7 B / s in the DX mode.

Nikon D3S

On 14 October 2009 Nikon announced the D3S. It differs, inter alia, to by the following new features

  • Video mode for recording in HD quality. The sound can be recorded via an external microphone in stereo, a built- in camera microphone in mono.
  • New sensor with maximum sensitivity of ISO 12800, or ISO 102,400 in so-called boost mode
  • New store for 48 RAW files in series (previously 18)
  • Q mode for very quiet recording sounds
  • Sensor Cleaning
  • More options in the dynamic range (so-called D-Lighting )

In their other properties equivalent to the D3S the previous D3.