Nikon D5000

The Nikon D5000 is a digital SLR ( DSLR) camera with 12.3 megapixel DX format image sensor and HD video function, which has been available since May 2009 at the trade. The camera was the first SLR model from Nikon offers a swiveling display. The company is positioning the camera between the smaller D60 and the D90. It has like the D60 to a sensor cleaning; of the D90 Live View function, and the digital video recording in HD format were adopted. The storage of film and image data is done on an SD memory card as storage medium.


The camera features like the models D40/D40x and D60 do not own autofocus motor; therefore, only lenses with integrated motor ( AF -S and AF-I series) can be used fully to society. In older lenses can be focused manually. HD video mode must - as with the D90 - the focus manually.

GPS capability

The D5000 has a combined interface for cable release and a GPS receiver such as the Nikon GP-1 to allow for easy geotagging of JPEG and NEF files. The GPS interface processes in addition to the GPS data and compass information ( Heading). This function is only used by Geotagger third party.