Nikon Df

The Nikon Df is a professional digital SLR (DSLR ) from the Japanese manufacturer Nikon. It was presented on November 5, 2013. The design of the Nikon Df was modeled as a retro design to the classic analog Nikon cameras such as the Nikon F3 or Nikon FM. It's like their optical models in two color options - available - in black and in black and silver. The name Df stands for Digital Fusion.

The sensor in small picture format was adopted by the Nikon D4, as autofocus module, the Multi-CAM 4800 was installed as the Nikon D600. The functionality was aligned in comparison to other modern DSLRs on the classic photography. So she has the first digital camera manufacturer again a traditional shutter speed; on the other side, such as the video recording was omitted many Sonderfunktionien. About the HDMI port and an external recording device but the recording of the live uncompressed image is possible.

The camera is available in Germany only in a kit with the AF- S Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8 G SE, which has been adapted to the retro design of the camera.



The Nikon Df is compatible with Nikon's Creative Lighting System and support for CLS - compatible flash units all functions such as i-TTL flash metering or speed sync. Since the Nikon Df has no built-in flash unit, a remote control is only possible with a master flash or Speedlight Commander SU -800 unit.

In addition, the camera in different functional scopes with many other Nikon Speedlights, as well as many flash units from other manufacturers is compatible.

The Nikon Df has a PC Sync terminal for control of flash units.


The Nikon Df has a folding mechanical aperture coupling lever which makes the camera compatible from before 1977 also not converted to the Ai- System Nikon lenses. With manual exposure mode (M) or Aperture-Priority Auto ( A) may be the aperture metering be used with simple camera settings. At the same time has the Nikon Df how modern cameras have a digital dial with at G and E lenses, the aperture can be adjusted (without an aperture ring ). It is thus a very few exotic exceptions with all lenses of the Nikon F system from 1959 to today usable and thus the Nikon camera with the most complete delivery capability for the F- bayonet.


With the adapter WU -1a from the Nikon accessories range a wireless interface can be added. Photos can thus be transmitted wirelessly, via iOS and Android smartphones is also using a suitable app radio remote control of camera possible.

Accessory interface

The Nikon Df has an accessory port, can be connected via the remote release, for example, or an external GPS receiver for in-camera geotagging of photos. Longitude and latitude and the amount to be written directly into the EXIF ​​data of the image files. Nikon offers it to the GPS Unit GP -1. Although this has no built compass, supports the interface with matching appliances and direction information ( Heading).