Nikon F-301

The Nikon F -301 is an SLR that 1985 produced the Japanese camera maker Nikon until 1990. In the U.S. and Canada it was sold as N2000.

The one-eyed miniature camera is designed for 36 mm 35 mm films in a recording format of 24 mm × and has an automatic film advance. The built-in electric drive enables addition to the single screen mode for the first time a mode for Nikon Series Photography, 2.5 frames per second are possible. The film is rewound manually via a rewind crank.

The light sensitivity of the SLR ( single lens reflex german (SLR) ) 12 can be set to ISO 3200 manually or automatically (using DX coding) of ISO. The exposure of an SPD (English silicon photo diode) Photo cell by Metering with emphasis on middle and a weighting of 40:60, a second SPD cell in the bottom of the camera is responsible for the TTL flash metering. An LED meter in the viewfinder displays the calculated shutter speed.

The F -301 is powered by four AAA cells ( AAA) with electricity. After replacing the battery holder also can use batteries of type AA.

Appeared in 1986 with the Nikon F- 501, the first SLR camera from Nikon with gehäuseintegriertem autofocus. The F -501 is different from the F -301 through the auto-focus, an additional automatic dual program and the focusing screen and is otherwise identical to the F- 301.