Nils Schumann

Nils Schumann ( born May 20, 1978 in Bad Frankenhausen ) is a retired German middle distance runner. He was 1998 European Champion in the indoor and outdoor and 2000 Olympic champion in each 800 -meter run.


After Nils Schumann had become 1997 European Junior Champion in the 800 -meter run, he entered in 1998 for the first time in the adult class. After his victory at the German Indoor Championships he also won at the European Indoor Championships in Valencia, where he won in 1:47,02 minutes ahead of the Dutch Marko Koers and the Norwegian Olympic champion from 1996 Vebjørn Rodal. In the outdoor season, he was defeated at the German Championship against Nico Motchebon. At the European Championships in Budapest Schumann won both his lead and in his semi-final, while Motchebon was eliminated in the semifinals. In the final Schumann won in a personal best of 1:44,89 minutes before the Swiss André Bucher. In this race, Schumann showed that he was able to decide a race with his sprint power on the last 100 meters. Won the 1999 Schumann at the U23 European Championships two titles: Except in the 800 -meter run, he took up with the 4 x 400 - meter relay. At the 1999 World Championships in Seville, although he reached the final, but could not keep up at a very fast race and finished at the end of the eighth.

In 2000, he won at the German Indoor Championships. At the European Indoor Championships in Ghent, he won silver behind the Russian Yuri Borzakovsky which was equipped with even greater force than sprint Schumann and these outdated down the stretch. In the outdoor season Schumann won his second national title after 1999. During the Olympic Games in Sydney, he improved his personal best in the semi-finals to 1:44,22 min. In the final Schumann won the sprint in 1:45,08 minutes with a lead of six hundredths of a second on the Danish world champion Wilson Kipketer. At the end of the year he was elected to Germany's Sportsman of the Year.

2001 did not take Schumann after a few injuries at the German championships and qualified very late for the World Championships in Edmonton. There he finished fifth. 2002 occupied Schumann at the German Championships in second place behind René Herms. At the European Championships in Munich, he won the bronze medal behind Wilson Kipketer and André Bucher. This was Schumann's last start in major international championships. Nearly three weeks after the European Championships ran Schumann at the Memorial Van Damme in 1:44,16 minutes, the fastest race of his career.

After Schumann had occupied at the 2003 German Indoor Championships ranked second behind René Herms, he fell for three years because of injuries. On 20 November 2006, the DLV opened against Nils Schumann sports legal investigation on suspicion of a violation of anti -doping rules. Trigger of the process were DLV own investigations and findings from the records of the trial of coach Thomas Springstein. This was closed in January 2007. In 2007 he ran for the first time after 2002, again in the finals at the German outdoor championships, but only reached eighth place. 2008 Schumann finished behind Robin Schembera second place in the German Indoor Championships, 2009, he again reached the third place at the outdoor championships. Shortly thereafter, Nils Schumann ended his career.

He competed for SV Kyffhaeuser Frankenhausen, ESC Erfurt, Erfurt LAC and SV Creaton Großengottern. Through its made ​​in January 2001 change to the Club LG Nike Berlin ended cooperation with his coach Dieter Herrmann, but to which he returned after an injury in the indoor season. In the meantime, he trained with his father. In 2002 he moved back to SV Creaton Großengottern. With the complete change of the training group to Hermann LC Creaton Erfurt Nils Schumann went in 2003 to Erfurt. After Schumann moved to SC Magdeburg ( 2004). After doping allegations against his Magdeburg coach Thomas Springstein, he moved to LG Eintracht Frankfurt, where he coached until 2007, Volker Beck, and finally returned to Erfurt back to Dieter Herrmann.

Schumann had a competition weight of 78 kg at a height of 1.92 m. In 2008 he married the 400-meter runner Korinna Fink. In the same year he founded his own company; since he marketed himself as a personal trainer.



  • 400 meters: 46.65 s, 1998 in Cuxhaven
  • 800 meters: 1:44,16 min, 2002 in Brussels 800 meters ( indoor ): 1:45,57 min, 2003 in Stuttgart

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