Nimrod (Album)


  • Billie Joe Armstrong: guitar, vocals
  • Tré Cool: Drums
  • Mike Dirnt: Bass

Nimrod is the fifth studio album by the American punk rock band Green Day. The album was released as a HDCD and like the two previous albums with Reprise Records and reached double - platinum status, but was sold 6 million do not reach the sales success of Dookie copies.

Were released as a single Nice Guys Finish Last, Hitchin ' a Ride, Redundant and Good Riddance ( Time of Your Life ), which is one of the most successful songs of Green Day.

In the band's history Greendays this album has to change meaning than that with which began her style. Songs like Walking Alone or King for a Day away with wind instruments, harmonica and the like. from punk rock in the direction of pop - punk. On the cover are portraits of U.S. Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman.

Music style

Although the usual style of Green Day is available on Nimrod, you can also find some other music styles on the album. In addition to " punk " songs like Platypus, Reject or Nice Guys Finish Last, there are also pop-punk songs ( Worry rock, redundant ), but also songs like the acoustic ballad Good Riddance (Time of Your Life ) or the instrumental load Ride In and the aforementioned song Walking Alone and King for a Day, are present on the album.

Title list

In the Japanese version of the album is in addition to the mentioned songs Desensitized still available.

In Australia, in addition to the 18 songs on the album was still normal Suffocate, Desensitized, You Lied and Do Da Da on the CD. The songs above were released on the compilation album Shenanigans and the B-side from Good Riddance (Time of Your Life ) or Brain Stew / Jaded.

Good Riddance

The Ballad Good Riddance ( Time of Your Life) was a worldwide hit and the accompanying video, in which Billie Joe Armstrong lonely playing on his guitar, one of the most broadcasted of 1997. It won an MTV Video Music Award. The song was in the penultimate episode to listen ( The Clip Show) U.S. sitcom " Seinfeld" and is frequently at weddings (although the song of a completed stage of life is ) played and funerals.