Nina Petri

Nina Petri ( * July 16, 1963 in Hamburg) is a German actress.


The oldest of four children of an engineer and a sociologist and technical illustrator graduated after graduating from the Helene-Lange -Gymnasium Hamburg from 1983 to 1987 training at the Westphalian Drama School in Bochum. She appeared in numerous television films and series, as well as German cinema productions ( among women alone, Run Lola Run ) with. Nina Petri also acts as spokesperson of audiobooks in appearance.

For the election of the Federal President on 23 May 2009 and on 30 June 2010, they were each appointed by the Hamburg SPD as a choice woman. Nina Petri's marriage to a Brazilian journalist was divorced in the late 1990s after seven years. The twin daughters (* 1994) from that marriage, she moved on alone. In June 2012, she appeared as the first woman in the series kicking with heart to the team of FC St. Pauli Allstars against the doctors team at the University Hospital Eppendorf. She lives in Hamburg.

Filmography (selection)


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  • 2007: Dolores Altona Theatre, Hamburg
  • 2009: Little man, what now? Altona Theatre, Hamburg
  • 2009: Nibelungen Festival Worms - The Life of Siegfried
  • 2011: His bride was the sea, and she embraced him, Hamburg Chamber games, Hamburg


In the children's book of applause for Lola by Isabel Abedi Nina Petri has a " guest appearance ". Her twins are mentioned.