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Ninasi is a village (Estonian küla ) in the rural community Lohusuu ( Lohusuu vald ). It is located in Ida -Viru county (East Wierland ) in northeastern Estonia.

Description and History

The village has 34 inhabitants (as of 4 January 2010). It lies on the northwestern shore of Lake Peipus ( Peipsi järv ).

The place was first mentioned in documents in 1599 under the name Noss.


Ninasi is located at 1714 opened postal route from Saint Petersburg via Narva and Tartu to Riga. At a distance 20 to 25 versts the Russian authorities postal stations directed a.

From 1772 to 1877 the post office was in operation from Ninasi. The obtained to date white stone building was built as a project type and dates from the year 1824. The post office served the change of horses and the supply of travelers. In the basement, the spaces of the coachman, on the ground floor waiting rooms travelers as well as the dining room were. Guests included Catherine II, Honoré de Balzac (1843 ), Robert Schumann, Elias Lönnrot and Franz Liszt.

From 1892 to 1916 in the building a sanatorium with eighty places was accommodated for leprosy sufferers. Then the house was empty. From 1919 to 1966, the house served as a primary school.

Currently, the building is being renovated. It should be re-opened in 2013 as a guest house.