Nine Mile Point Nuclear Generating Station


Active reactors ( gross ):

The nuclear power plant Nine Mile Point is a U.S. nuclear power plant, located about five miles northeast of Oswego (New York) on the shores of Lake Ontario in the United States. It consists of two reactor blocks. Owner of the Constellation Energy Group, the operator of the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station and the Long Iceland Power Authority ( LLC). Constellation is the sole owner of the first block and owns 82 % of the second block; the LLC owns the remaining 18 %. On the same 3.6 - km2 area is also the nuclear power plant Fitzpatrick.

The reactors

The first reactor block is a boiling water reactor with a net electrical output of 621 MWe and a gross output of 642 MWe. The second reactor block is also a boiling water reactor, but with a net output of 1135 MWe and a gross capacity of 1205 MWe.

Construction and commissioning

Construction of the first reactor block was on 12 April 1965, and he was born on September 5, 1969 for the first time critical. The block was first synchronized on 9 November 1969 with the electricity grid, created on 1 December 1969 in commercial operation.

Construction of block 2 was on 24 June 1974 he was on 23 May 1987 the first time critical. The block was first synchronized on August 8, 1987 with the electricity grid and went on 11 March 1988 in commercial operation.

There was discussion about the construction of a new reactor blocks from the U.S. EPR type with a capacity of 1600 MW at its Nine Mile Point. The licenses are to be obtained until September 2008 for construction. In November 2013 it was announced that the construction of the third block was canceled.


On October 31, 2006 Constellation announced that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission had approved an extension of the operating license for another 20 years for both blocks. Block 1 is therefore to be switched off in 2029, Block 2 2046th

Data of the reactor units

The Nine Mile Point nuclear power plant has a total of two blocks: