Nine Months

Nine Months (English for nine months) is an American comedy from 1995, and a remake of the 1994 French -produced feature film Neuf mois ( German title: nine months ). The film's title refers to the duration of a human pregnancy.


The film is about the child psychologist Samuel Faulkner, who claims to have absolutely no children. When his girlfriend Rebecca Taylor opened him that she is pregnant, he is not very excited, but will not go wrong.

Faulkner and Taylor visit Faulkner's friend Sean Fletcher, a painter. Also the single Fletcher wants to have children. His sister Gail Dwyer and her husband Marty have four daughters. It comes to a family dispute at the table.

Marty wants now that his wife is pregnant again, a son. He, his wife, Samuel and Rebecca visit a supermarket with toys, where Marty buys toys for the boys. Meanwhile, Rebecca Gail reveals that she was afraid of having to raise the child alone. Samuel had not even asked her to marry him.

When Samuel forget a doctor's appointment of Rebecca, she leaves him and moves in with Marty and Gail. He regrets his behavior and preparing books for the birth. When Rebecca comes to the hospital to give birth, he learns of it, goes to her and they reconcile.

It is still too small to complications for the simultaneous birth of the children of the two couples. Gail brings a baby girl, Rebecca a boy. The two fathers agree.


" The pathways consisting of plate sentimentality and often tasteless slapstick staging avoids a confrontation with existential questions and robbed by their lack of imagination every humor. Mendacious right consents to the film a " Song of Songs " on the family on. "

"From the quirky style of the French original " Nine Months " is little. Director Chris Columbus ( ... ) relies on slapstick. "


Robin Williams and Joan Cusack were each nominated for an American Comedy Award for Funniest Supporting Actor, but it could not win both.