NinJo is one of the largest meteorological data processing and visualization systems worldwide. It is being developed jointly by the German, Swiss, Canadian and Danish Weather Service and the Bundeswehr. NinJo is implemented entirely in the Java programming language and includes components for the visualization of meteorological data for the monitoring of weather events, the manual edition of futures point forecasts, and the interactive creation and editing of weather maps. The visualization of meteograms, TEMP diagrams ( soundings ) and sections (cross -sections ) is possible. Due to the modular design of the software and the extensive possibilities for individual and precisely orientated system configuration (System, Site and User) is providing wide-bandwidth use for processing a wide variety of meteorological data.

The operational implementation of the German Weather Service took place in 2006., The system was started in 2000 as a joint project of the German Weather Service and the then Geophysical consulting service in the Bundeswehr. At that time it was still common Graphical System ( GGS ).