Nino de Angelo

Nino de Angelo ( born December 18, 1963 in Karlsruhe as Domenico Gerhard Gorgoglione ) is a German pop singer of Italian ( Apulian ) descent, who was mainly successful in the 1980s.


Born in Karlsruhe took his first record at age 17. The first recordings were released under the name Nino and were not successful. The first single, which he called Nino de Angelo brought to market in 1982, was an angel and flies in the night, a German cover version of the English song Souvenir by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. His biggest success was written by Dorco German title East of Eden, which was taken from different artists in several languages ​​in 1983 and 1984, respectively (Italian La Valle dell'Eden, Eng. Guardian Angel) and internationally was a hit.

This was followed by the hit Breathless (1984) and the very pop album by a thousand fires (1987 ), which by Harald Steinhauer ( Nicki, Juliane Werding ) was produced with the acclaimed comeback as a small Single But tears you'll never see. In 1988, he took a supporting role in the film adaptation The Bertinis.

1989 Dieter Bohlen produced with him the title flier, with whom he competed in the Euro Vision Song Contest. Nino de Angelo finished in 14th place, while also written von Bohlen title for Austria finished fifth. The two produced with Dieter Bohlen Singles flyers and Samuraj reached at the same time the top 20 in the German single charts.

Beginning of the 1990s wanted to Nino de Angelo distance itself from its image as a pop singer. He therefore separated by Dieter Bohlen as producer, was called for the next two albums only De Angelo, was oriented more to rock music and has been involved in almost all of the songs as a songwriter. The new De Angelo found in the media world, only little attention, flopped albums. It was followed by several other projects. He worked with Mr. President together and acted on their album We All See the Same Sun as a duet partner of the title Olympic Dreams, and he tried to be a dancefloor producer of the project Cpt Galaxy. Mid -1990s, De Angelo went with Peter Maffay and the Musical Tabaluga and Lilli on tour before he had to take a longer break because of serious illness (lymph node cancer).

In 1997, he also returned with the English Single I Can See the Light, which he had recorded in Los Angeles with the musicians of Michael Jackson. However, the single was not as successful as expected, so that the already completed album was not released. There followed in 1999 the duo hand in hand with Claudia Jung. With no fear of heights was released in 2000 his first album in seven years, with whom he started again in 1989 was able to place in the album charts for the first time. Musically and vocally matured since then he presents versatile songs ranging from pop, rock, soul and pop. The next four albums were able to place in the album charts.

In 2001 he sang in the German version of the Disney film The Emperor 's New Groove the title ideal world, the composed by Sting and was interpreted originally by Tom Jones. In 2002 he took the title And if you laugh again participate in the preselection for the Euro Vision Song Contest, was defeated in the vote but Corinna May a success was De Angelo but end up in a double pack with Chris Norman, the single I close my eyes ( Everytime ) could in Germany and especially Austria place well. By his own testimony, he sang for the more recent Modern Talking albums from 2001, several choirs and a few ad- libs a, not, as previously disseminated, instead of Thomas Anders the lead vocal.

Nino de Angelo took the end of 2005 again under the name De Angelo Nino on the rock album that is not brought the desired success again. Instead, he made ​​big headlines because he ( 1.5 million euros ) had to declare personal bankruptcy due to huge debts.

In 2006, de Angelo processed his financial situation in the song miracle that had hitherto not been published commercially. He was " Unter uns" seen in 25 episodes of the TV series as Michael Winter. For the book published on 9 March 2007 farewell album The Last Mile of his own words, " musical father " Dorco German he took with you, no one brings back a memorial song.

2008 and 2009 Nino de Angelo was back for " Unter uns". Than Michael Winter in front of the camera, this time together with daughter Louisa Gorgoglione She plays the role of Nina Bremer.

In 2011, Nino de Angelo signed a new record deal with music 7 days. In this way he came into contact with the rapper Eko Fresh, with whom he recorded his hit new Beyond Eden. You can hear the song on the album Ekrem.

At the beginning of 2012, he devoted himself again to acting. In March 2012, he released after a seven year break, the album Life is Beautiful, which debuted on the German album charts at number 72.

Nino de Angelo in 2012 took part in the adventure show Star Race. He won with Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht competition and donated the profits to charity.

From his first marriage (1986-1998) Judith with Gorgoglione Nino de Angelo has two children and is divorced for the 3rd time since October 2013.


Studio albums



  • Golden Tuning Fork 1984, 1988, 1991
  • Lion of Radio Luxembourg 1984: "Gold" ( East of Eden )