Nintendo 2DS

The Nintendo 2DS is a handheld game console developed by Nintendo. The console was announced in August 2013 for the October 12, 2013 for North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He is a simplified version of the Nintendo 3DS with largely identical hardware and function. In the 3-D functionality of the 3DS has been omitted. For software and applications of the 3DS compatibility is ensured. Moreover, the shape and standby function of the 2DS is changed because he can not fold like the other models of the DS series, but is switched with a button in the standby mode. In this model, a touch-screen liquid crystal display is also used, which stretches over both screens, but is separated by a bar ( so creates two visible screens ).


With the Nintendo 2DS promised to create a " new, unique and different " console, which according to Nintendo " more people [ we love ] to appeal ." A target point, it was the console for a lower price, as an alternative to 3DS to sell. In North America, the 2DS reached a price of 129.99 U.S. dollars, compared to the price of the 3DS, which is sold in the United States for $ 169.99. According to Nintendo President of the United States of America, Reggie Fils -Aime, to appeal to a younger target group, the console, according to Fils -Aime " particularly children under seven years." Nintendo warned against the use of 3- D function of the 3DS, as this quickly led to problems with the eyes. Experts, however, were undecided on this issue, because they hoped by the 3DS a help for children with eye diseases. In addition, the 3D feature the Nintendo 3DS can just turn off a switch on the side.


Receptions for the Nintendo 2DS were mixed. The majority of the reviews focused on the comparison between 2DS and 3DS, including less attractive design, the worse tone than the Nintendo 3DS and the defective batteries. The positive reviewers received, however, the new form of the console, which is better in your hands and can thus play better.