Nippon Columbia

Nippon Columbia K. K. (Japanese日本 コロムビア 株式会社, Nippon Koromubia Kabushiki - gaisha ) is a Japanese record label that was founded in 1910 as Nippon Phonograph Company. 1931 joined the British Columbia Graphophone Company and took over the then gängingen trademarks and names. 1946, the name was changed to Nippon Columbia Company Limited. Only in 2002 was followed by the current wording. Columbia Music Entertainment produced until 2001 also electronics products under the brand name Denon. The label operates outside of Japan because of trademark issues ( outside of Japan is SonyBMG owner of the rights of the Columbia - naming rights ) as the Savoy Label Group, the music on their labels SLG, Savoy Records / Savoy Jazz and Denon publishes and distributes.

The Japanese record label is not related to U.S. label Columbia Records of Sony BMG, which operate under the name Sony Records by rights situation on the brand name in Japan.