Nippon Express

Nippon Tsūun K. K. (Japanese日本 通 运 株式会社, Nippon Tsūun kabushiki - gaisha; . engl Nippon Express Co., Ltd.. ) is a Japanese group of companies in the field of logistics headquartered in Minato, Tokyo Prefecture.


Renamed as Riku -un Moto Kaisha (陆运 元 会 社) was founded in 1872, 1875 in Naikoku Tsūun Kaisha (内 国 通 运 会 社) and 1928 in Kokusai Tsūun Kabushiki Kaisha (国际 通 运 株式会社), Nippon Tsūun was on 1 October 1937 as a parastatal transport company re-established on the basis of Nippon tsūun - kabushiki - gaisha hō (日本 通 运 株式会社 法). During the Sino-Japanese War, it took a centrally organized transporting goods which Nippon Express through the merger of Kokusai Tsūun Kabushiki Kaisha with numerous small railway companies, and six competitors, with financial support from the Government of Japan, was founded. In the years 1941 to 1945 consolidated Nippon Express Japanese transport company and began, as it currently operates with its operation.

1950 Nippon Express has been converted into a private company, went to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is now in the Nikkei 225 and listed on the stock exchange in Osaka. With shares of 9.4 % and the 6.2% are the The Master Trust Bank of Japan, the Japan Trustee Services Bank and Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company, the largest shareholders of Nippon Express. Along with All Nippon Airways ( 51.7 %), Japan Post Service ( 33.33 %) and Mitsui OSK Lines ( 5%) was Nippon Express with 10% involved in the cargo airline ANA & JP Express, which is now part of All Nippon Airways and will merge with the airline Air Japan.

1955 began with the transport of air freight and the provision of services to travel. In 1958, the entry into the U.S. market with offices in New York, four years later, the subsidiary Nippon Express USA, Inc.. , 1964, the company expanded its operations beyond transport at sea. The first time took hold Nippon Express in Europe with opening of offices in Dusseldorf, Amsterdam and Rome in 1966, since 1981, the subsidiary Nippon Express ( Germany ) GmbH is currently based in Mönchengladbach, together with its sister company, NEX Logistics Europe GmbH, in Swiss Bassersdorf is the third subsidiary within the DA-CH region.

Around 90 % of its turnover, the Group achieved within Japan, from 346 companies located in 276 Japan the remaining 70 are spread over a further 35 countries, a total of 385 locations spread to 209 cities around the globe. According statista counted Nippon Express in 2009 as one of the ten largest logistics companies in the world.