Nippy Noya

Nippy Noya ( born February 27, 1946 in Makassar on Sulawesi, Indonesia) is an Indonesian percussionist and is one of the most famous conga players in Europe.

Noya was born the son of the Japanese taiko drummer Fusao Nakato San on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. At the age of ten he started playing drums. In 1968 he came to Europe and lived first in Amsterdam. There began his professional career as a conga player in the percussion rock band Massada 1970-1975.

In the following years he played with known quantities such as Peter Herbolzheimer, John McLaughlin, guitarist Jan Akkerman, Volker Kriegel and Stan Getz, accompanied, among others, the tours of Eric Burdon, Billy Cobham, Chaka Khan, Peter Maffay, Udo Lindenberg, Gitte Haenning and Herbert Grönemeyer. 1987 Noya appeared in the designed for the presentation of exceptional drummer and percussionist ARD program Super Drumming by and with Pete York.

Besides his favorite instruments, the congas and the kalimba, he also mastered yet Bongos, Campana, Güiro, Cabasa, SHEKERE, Caxixi, triangle and the berimbau. He is in the traditional music of South America is equally at home in contemporary jazz, rock and pop music.

Since 1992, Nippy Noya wearing a chair of music at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede. In 2002, he played for the first time with the group Farfarello in the Worpswede " Music Hall " at the invitation of HD Ludwig. Later he went with her sporadically on tour. His preference is given to the performances in churches today as farfarello in the light. Noya worked on over 200 CD and record productions and was also frequently used for international television productions.

Currently he is a member or permanent guest in the following formations:

  • YóBassa, a six-piece Latin - fusion band from the border region Enschede (Netherlands) and Gronau, the birthplace of Udo Lindenberg. Nippy Noya appeared as part of a CD - release party " Sing & Dance" by JoBassa on June 25, 2013 at Hengelo.
  • Busch factory, a pure percussion band from Germany under the leadership of Herman Kathan, with whom he has released several CDs and a DVD.
  • Trans / / Formation, a trio consisting of percussionist Nippy Noya, Torsten Krill and Herman Kathan. The music of Trans / / Formation is exclusively improvised.