Nishio, Aichi

Nishio (西 尾市jap, -shi ) is a city in Aichi Prefecture in Japan.


Nishio is located approximately 35 kilometers south of Nagoya and west of Okazaki.


Nishio is known as one of the oldest tea growing regions of the world. First tea fields arisen in Nishio to 1271, as Shou -ichi - koku -shi, founder of the first tea bushes planted in temple Jissou Nishio in the garden of the temple. During the Meiji period ( 1868 ) the growing region has been greatly expanded, now around 50 % of total tea production in Japan matcha produced in Nishio.

The city was named Shi (larger urban settlement ) until December 15, 1953. On 1 April 2011 the neighboring villages Isshiki, Hazu and Kira were incorporated so that Nishio now counts 165 436 inhabitants.


  • Street: National roads 23, 247
  • Meitetsu Nishio Line

Adjacent Cities and Towns

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  • Hekinan
  • Anjo
  • Kota
  • Kira
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