Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT -R (2008-2010)

The Nissan GT -R is a sports coupe produced since December 2007, the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan and the successor of the Nissan Skyline GT -R.


The series GT -R went a the end of 2001 ahead at the motor show in Tokyo shown study of the same name and the end of 2005 a prototype. Unlike its predecessors, the GT -R ( R35) is the first time no longer marketed in some markets such as Japan and the UK, but also in countries with left-hand drive.

The car made ​​its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007. The successor to the Skyline GT -R ( R34) is not a descendant of the Skyline series more, but a separate model in the Nissan range. Like its predecessors, the GT-R has all-wheel drive, but with a new, patented technology. In an effort not to let the weight rise too much, was in the new model, the four-wheel steering ( S- HICAS ) dropped. Nissan even reported a lap time of 7:26,7 minutes on the Nürburgring- Nordschleife.

2012 were registered, according to the Federal Motor Vehicle Office 161 Nissan GT -R in Germany, of which 112 vehicles by commercial holder.


GT -R is driven by a 3.8 -liter V-6 engine which is charged by two turbochargers. He reached such a power of 357 kW ( 485 hp) at 6400 min-1 and a torque of 588 Nm at 3200-5200 min -1, which is distributed via six-speed transaxle dual-clutch variably to all four wheels. The vehicle normally travels with rear wheel drive and on, as was the Nissan Skyline R34 GT -R, only with too much slip the front wheels added. The sprint from rest to 100 takes in the Euro version 3.5 seconds, top speed is about 312 km / h Through the transaxle concept GT -R is achieved an advantageous weight distribution of the Nissan, which makes itself felt especially advantageous in handling and in the cornering speeds. In the United States, the GT -R (February 2008) from $ 70,000 is available.

With the launching of the remarks GT -R ( € 81,800 ), GT -R Black Edition ( € 85,200 ) and GT -R Premium Edition ( € 83,500 ) were available. Beginning of the year 2009, Nissan, so far only for sale in Japan, the SpecV version of the GT -R before. The sale started on 2 February at seven selected retailers. For Europe, a total of 40 pieces are provided. The power is the same in their maximum values ​​, the torque experienced for a maximum of 80 seconds, an increase of only 20 Nm. The SpecV is by various measures to reduce weight about 80 kg lighter than the standard version. Various attachments are made of carbon fiber, inside the rear seats were removed and replaced by the front carbon fiber racing seats. The braking system now has ceramic discs, also received the vehicle lighter rims. The exhaust system now consists of titanium. In addition, the chassis was strengthened, but is now no longer adaptive three stages as the standard GT -R. The rest of the series is limited and the car costs the equivalent of € 149,990.


2008 Nissan announced that the new GT -R will replace the Nissan 350Z in the Japanese Super GT championship, although the 350Z were riding only a year in the GT500 class. Five different GT -R have been announced for the season to start in 2008. Nismo had two versions with him in the team: the Xanavi Nismo GT -R, which was presented on 2 December 2007 at the own Nismo Festival at Fuji Speedway, and the Motul Autech GT -R. In Hasemi Motorsport team Yello What YMS Tomica GT -R was used, the Calsonic Impul GT -R for the team impulses and the Advan Clarion GT -R for Kondo Racing. The vehicles were compared to the standard version greatly modified. A special modification was the removal of the all-wheel drive and the complete engine. Due to the regulations in the GT500 class, Nissan decided to use the old 4.5-liter V8 engine ( VK45DE from the Super GT Nissan 350Z ) with about 330 kW and equipped the cars over to rear wheel drive. The complete drive system was removed from the old Skyline (Super GT) GT -R. Nissan could bring in both 2008 and 2009 no overall title with the GT -R.

2010 comes a completely revised GT -R is used, which meets the demands of the FIA ​​to reduce the power bill. For use comes the near-series 3.4-liter V8 engine VRH34A. Furthermore, will go only a total of three cars in the GT500 class at the start.

There is furthermore a GT1 race version of the Nissan GT -R, which takes part in the FIA GT1 World Championship.


The Nissan GT -R in the British car magazine Top Gear, the series own test track, an airfield circuit at the Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey, faster orbits than an Aston Martin DB9, Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06, Ford GT, Porsche Carrera GT and Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.


From the 19th of October 2010, there was a revised GT -R. The model received new LED daytime running lights front and a distinctive rear diffuser rear. Have changed the suspension geometry and damper characteristics. In addition, the body was further stiffened, bringing even more stability in the turns. The engine decreed henceforth more than 390 kW ( 530 hp) at 6400/min. Has also increased the torque to 612 Nm at 3200 to 6400/min. He now has a top speed of around 320 km / h The Nürburgring Nordschleife circled the new model confirmed 7:24,22 min.

For model year 2012, the power to 404 kW ( 550 hp ) was raised. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, s officially stated by Nissan with 2.8. The speed limit is currently 315 km / h For 2013, followed by a further revision. By optimizing the V6 twin-turbo engine, 404 kW continues to provide (550 PS), accelerates from a standstill to 100 km around a tenth of a second to 2.7 s could be improved. In addition, the suspension has been revised. Through these measures, the current model provides the circumnavigation of the Nordschleife in 7:18.60 minutes. The price now stands at € 94,900.

In the fall of 2013, the GT -R was revised again. The power of 404 kW ( 550 PS) remained stable, improved responsiveness and performance at medium and high speed range. In addition, the body stiffness was increased and lowered the center of gravity.

For the model year 2014 there are again some innovations. The GT-R now has LED headlights that automatically adjust to the speed and offer better illumination when cornering. Furthermore, suspension and steering in terms of stability and comfort have been revised, the stabilizers and dampers have been retuned. The center of gravity has been lowered in the new model year again. The rear light clusters were given a new graphics in the form of four LED rings. For Germany, a base price of € 96,400 will be given.

From the summer of 2014 there is an increase in the performance version of the in-house tuning company Nismo, the (600 PS) has 441 kW.


Nissan GT -R " Premium Edition"

Nissan GT -R SpecV

Engine of the GT -R

Nissan GT -R Cutmodel

Nissan GT1

Rear view of GT1

Nismo Motul Autech GT -R