1420 ( March 31, 2013 )

Nissedal is an independent municipality in the western part of the province (county ) Telemark ( Norway) with 1420 inhabitants ( as of March 31, 2013). The administrative center Treungen, with about 700 inhabitants and is located 240 km south west of Oslo on the southern tip of the long, narrow lake Nisse. The highest point of the municipality are the peaks of the Førheinutane ( 1049m ). The name Nisse from which the municipality derives its name goes back to the Old Norse word Niðrsær, which means as much as " the lower lakes ".


Among the most important economic activity of the municipality include the agriculture, timber trade, fur farming, fisheries, energy, and especially tourism. The unemployment rate in the agrarian structured area in 2006 was 1.6 percent, below the national average.


  • Nisse - 35 kilometers long and up to 234 meters deep lake is the largest lake in Telemark and the tenth largest lake in Norway; it extends over an area of 76 km ² and has best quality of drinking water. The sandy beaches, inter alia, at Fjone on the West Coast, annually attract thousands of bathers.
  • Cable ferry - At the narrowest point of the Nisse, between Fjone and Sundsodden since 1947 runs the now last cable ferry in Norway; they transported about 6,000 vehicles annually.


  • Treungenfestivalen - Culture Festival, held annually since 2003 in August and is visited by up to 10,000 guests.