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Nisshin Shokuhin Holdings K. K. (Japanese日清食品 ホールディングス 株式会社, Nisshin Shokuhin hōrudingusu kabushiki - gaisha, Eng. Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.. ) is an international group of companies in the food industry with headquarters in Shinjuku, Japan. Nissin was the first provider of instant noodle dishes, even today determine the range of products.

The company was founded in 1948 by Momofuku Ando ( 1910-2007 ) as Chūkōsōsha (中 交 総 社) in Ikeda ( Osaka ). There Ando developed the world's first instant noodle dish known as " Chicken Ramen " came on the market in 1958. To prepare the pre-cooked, freeze- dried noodles had only briefly boil in water and supplemented with a separately packaged spice and flavor blend. Model was Ramen, a popular Japanese noodle dish that is offered primarily in specialized restaurants and snack bars. In the same year the company Nisshin Shokuhin KK (日 清 食品 株式会社, Eng. Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd.). Renamed. 1970 saw the establishment of the first international branch in the United States, the follow numerous other in Asia, America and Europe; Today the group consists of 24 companies worldwide. In 1971, a Nissin Foods " Cup Noodles ", a packaged in a plastic cup instant noodle soup, with dishes made no cooking or eating utensils is necessary, it is sufficient, the addition of boiling water into the cup and short wait. According to the company " Cup Noodles " In 2006, a total of 25 billion copies. Overall sat Nissin Foods 2007 on 85.7 billion ready meals annually.

The products of Nissin found numerous imitators, first mainly in Asia. Meanwhile, offered by food manufacturers also the concept of " Cup Noodles " modeled after the national cuisines customized ready-made meals from freeze-dried ingredients.

Since 1999 Momofuko - Ando Museum in Ikeda Ando's life and the history of the company is represented in founded by Nissin Foods.

In 2008 the company in Nisshin Shokuhin Holdings KK was renamed and the Nisshin Shokuhin K. K. newly founded as a subsidiary.

After the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan on 11 March 2011 Nissin distributed one million food boxes, and mobile kitchens gas and drinking water in the refugee camps of the crisis regions.


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