Niva (Prostějov District)

Niva, to 1949: Hartmanice ( German Hartmanice ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located 15 kilometers south of Boskovice and belongs to Okres Prostějov. The village is the birthplace of blue cheese Niva, but which is now produced in Dolni Přím.


Niva is located in the valley of the stream Bila voda in Drahany country. Neighboring towns are Protivanov in the north, Repechy in the northeast, and Bousín Drahany in the east, in the southeast Otinoves, Rozstání in the south, Baldovec the southwest, Molenburk in the west and Obora and Skelná Huť in the northwest.


Hartmanice was first documented in 1347. At this time was a part of the village to rule Plumlov and thus to the possession of Beneš Krawarn. Next owner of Hartmanice were Pernštejnové which the place in 1592 pledged to Bernard Krnovský of Drnovin. 1618 Maximilian of Liechtenstein bought the place in 1848 which remained part of the Liechtenstein government Plumlov until the abolition of patrimonial regimes in the year.

During the construction of the German military training area Wischau Hartmanice was among the 33 for it to broaching places. The evacuation of the village belonging to the 2nd stage began on 30 November 1942. After the end of World War II, the village was repopulated. In 1949, the renaming of the community Hartmanice in Niva was. Since 2003 Niva performs a coat of arms and banners.

Local structure

For the community Niva no districts are reported.


  • Belfry
  • Niche chapel on the road