Nizhnekamsk (Russian Нижнекамск; Tatar Түбән Кама / Tübän Kama ) is a major city 234 044 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ) in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.


Nizhnekamsk is located on the left bank of the Kama River at its lower reaches, near the mouth of Vyatka in the Kama, nearly 240 kilometers east of the capital of Republic of Kazan. The closest cities, located around 25 km from Nizhnekamsk, are Jelabuga and Mamadyshsky.


Nizhnekamsk - literally " place at the Niederkama " - was created in 1961 as a settlement in the construction of a large petroleum and chemical combine. Until 1966 it was known as " workers' settlement Nischnekamski ", after he received the city status; the combine was finally completed in 1967. In the mid- 1970s exceeded the population of Nizhnekamsk the 100,000 mark.


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Economy and Transport

Today Nizhnekamsk applies in addition to the capital Kazan as the second most important industrial city in the Republic and an important center of the Russian oil processing. Major employers in the city are the oil and chemical combine OAO Nischnekamskneftechim, several refineries, a car tire work, two thermal power stations and a number of other industries.

The city has an inland port on the Kama, a railway terminal and airport. The intra- urban transport is operated among others with its own tram network.

A mosque in Nizhnekamsk


In the city of Nizhnekamsk Hockey Club Neftekhimik Brown and the football club are located.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Ilschat Bilalow ( born 1985 ), ice hockey player
  • Sergei Budylin ( b. 1979 ), football player
  • Pyotr Chochrjakow (* 1990), ice hockey player
  • Emil Galimov (* 1992), ice hockey player
  • Szjapan Haratscheuskich ( born 1985 ), professional ice hockey goaltender
  • Nail Jakupow (* 1993), ice hockey player
  • Pavel Kulikov (* 1992), ice hockey player
  • Maxim Pestuschko ( born 1985 ), ice hockey player
  • Andrei Plekhanov ( born 1986 ), ice hockey player
  • Radik Sakijew ( born 1986 ), ice hockey player
  • Andrei Sergeyev (* 1991), ice hockey player
  • Aljaksej Uharau ( born 1985 ), ice hockey player