Nizhnevartovsk (Russian Нижневартовск ) is a city in the autonomous district of the Khanty-Mansi / Ugra in Russia. It lies on the River Ob and has 251 694 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ). Nizhnevartovsk is the fifth largest city in Russia.

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Early 20th century was a docking station set up on the shallower right bank of the Ob, in which the there passing steamships obtained supplies of firewood. In 1912 the place was Nischnewartowskoje (Russian Нижневартовское ) of five houses, in which eleven people lived.

In September 1924, the Nischnewartowski Village Soviet (Russian Нижневартовский сельский Совет ) was established, and the place was now called Nischnewartowski (Russian Нижневартовский ), officially had the status of a settlement. On September 29, 1964, he was appointed to the working area, at the March 9, 1972 Nizhnevartovsk received the status of a city and its current name.

On 1 August 2008 in Nizhnevartovsk was observed a total solar eclipse.


The majority of the population in the city are the Russians ( 65.59 %), followed by the Tatars ( 9.66% ) and Ukrainians ( 8.34% ). Smaller minorities are the Bashkirs ( 3.61% ), Azerbaijanis (2.03 %), Belarusians (1.43 %) and Chuvash (1.03 %).


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The city is the center of the West Siberian oil industry and one of the richest cities of Russia. It has a city theater.


In 2002, Nizhnevartovsk was connected to the Russian railway network. The single track non-electrified route ( operated by the Regional Directorate of Sverdlovsk ) begins in Tyumen ( km 0 ) and leads via Tobolsk (km 222) and Surgut ( 696 km ) to Nizhnevartovsk (km 933 ).

The airport ( ICAO code USNN / IATA code NJC ) of the city of Nizhnevartovsk is located four kilometers northwest of the center. It has a 3200 meter long paved runway and also allows the use of wide-body aircraft. Many airlines offer flights to Moscow, according to numerous cities of Siberia, as well as other destinations in Russia. Be Flew among other Anapa, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Samara, Chelyabinsk and Ufa, where with Baku, Simferopol and Kiev and international destinations. Furthermore, Nizhnevartovsk is the starting point for connecting flights to numerous regional airports. UTair operates a regional hub here.


The following institutions are established in Nizhnevartovsk:

West Siberian Academy of Finance and Law, State University of Education, Branch of North-Western Academy of State Service, Northern School of Economics and Management, Branch of the A. S. Griboyedov Academy of International Law and Economics Branch of the State University Tyumen branch of the state University of oil and Gas Tyumen branch of Süduralischen state University.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Semyon Antonov (* 1989), basketball player
  • Andrei Dubassow (* 1984), biathlete
  • Dmitri Yakovenko ( b. 1983 ), chess player
  • Evgeny Makarenko ( born 1975 ), boxer
  • Alexander Maletin (* 1975), Boxer
  • Strelzow Alexander (* 1990), ice hockey player
  • Vasily Strelzow (* 1990), ice hockey player
  • Xenia Sukhinova (* 1987), Miss World 2008