Nizhny Kuranakh

Nizhny Kuranach (Russian Нижний Куранах; Yakut Аллараа Кураанах ) is an urban-type settlement in the Republic of Sakha ( Yakutia) in Russia with 5901 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The village is located about 425 km as the crow south-southwest of the capital of Republic of Yakutsk in the northern part of the Aldanhochlandes. It is located on the river Bolshoi Kuranach ( Big Kuranach ), which opens a few miles north in the Seligdar; this, in turn, flows about 25 km north to the Aldan.

Nizhny Kuranach belongs to Rajon Aldanski and is located 25 km north- north-east of the administrative center, the city of Aldan. The settlement is the seat of the municipality ( gorodskoje posselenije ) Possjolok Nizhny Kuranach, which also includes the villages Jakokit (20 km northeast) and Werchni Kuranach (7 km south) include.


The settlement was founded in 1947 in connection with the development of gold deposits along the rivers in the area. Since 1950, Nizhny Kuranach has the status of an urban-type settlement. The place name means Lower Kuranach with respect to the flow, in contrast to the village Werchni Kuranach, High Kuranach; the name itself is Kuranach Evenk origin and stands for " dry ( water-poor ) source."


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Southeast is Nizhny Kuranach of the A360 trunk road from Lena Newer to Nizhny Bestjach at Yakutsk bypassed (previously M56, number until 2017 alternatively in use).

South outside the settlement is located at kilometer 326 (from Berkakit ) and the Kuranach Station of Amur - Yakut Magistrale ( Ajam ), which connects the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Baikal - Amur Mainline (BAM ) with the Yakut capital. The route opened in 2013 consistently had reached the mid- 1990s, Nizhny Kuranach.