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Njyem (also Djem, Dzem, Ndjem, Ndjeme, Ndzem, Ngyeme, Njem and Nyem ) is a Bantu language and is spoken by about 7,000 people in Cameroon and the Republic of Congo.

It is widespread in Cameroon in the district of Haut- Nyong in the province Est with about 3500 speakers and in the Republic of Congo in the region Sangha (Congo) with about 3500 speakers. Many members of the people of the Baka use it as a second language.

About 65 people can read Njyem and about 10 people can write the language. Approximately 85 % of the speakers speak only this language, about 15 % speak French as a second language.


Njyem is a Northwest Bantu language and belongs to Makaa - Njem group that is classified as Guthrie Zone A80.