Njem people

The Njem (also Njyem or Ndjem ) are an ethnic group who live in the rain forest zone of southern Cameroon and northern Congo. In total there are 7,000 Njem.

In Cameroon, the Njyem along the road, which begins south of Lomié, passes through the center of government of Ngoyla and south goes up after Djadom live. From there, rich footpaths until after Souanke in the north of Congo. Their territory is located south of Nzime - people and north of the Bekwel, both are with the Njem kindred peoples. Ngoyla is the largest Njyem center. Souanke is also important, but is a center that is shared with the Bekwel. They speak Njyem ( " NJY " ), one of Makaa - Njyem - Bantu languages.

They are mostly Christians, only a few have retained their traditional religion.